It is not the virus, and/or the spread of the "pandemic" that is imposing this fierce attack on our living conditions, but capital and the state, the bankers and the heads of state who run the world.

They are the ones who benefit, with the most gigantic monetary issue, the militarization of society and the widespread confinement, even if they use the lie that, "the campaign is against the virus". The objective of the attack is not a pandemic,


The objective is to impose the deepest and most finished tyranny of value against human life, to subsume all human relations into the financial, to impose the dictatorship of VIRTUAL money in every pore of society and the tyranny of the financial aristocracy in every sphere of life. It is a matter, with the GREAT LIVE THEATRE OF HISTORY, of producing a GENERALIZED RESET of human relations, to DOMESTICATE all humanity, so that the bankarization subsumes all the pores of all "human" relations imposing money as the obligatory intermediary of everything. Confinement and generalised repression are an essential part of this exercise of domination on a planetary scale and its objective is the NEW WORLD ORDER that the ARISTOCRACY seeks to impose.

What makes the living conditions of the world proletariat even worse is not a virus, but induced panic, state terror, confinement, isolation, bancarization, criminalization of all directly human and bodily relations, repression. What depresses, oppresses and kills are the filthy conditions that, with the horror of the virus, capital imposes in the cities, in the countryside, in the proletarian neighborhoods, in the slums, in the hospitals, prisons, psychiatric hospitals, concentration camps... even in the houses where the good and the bad are confined!

For them it is a CLEANING (and not only ethnic!) of people (GENOCIDE!), of precarious jobs, of poor people in the streets, of "unproductive" sectors (for them!), of life of the poor. For them it is not a crisis, but THE SOLUTION to the crisis, the CLEANING of the "shitty poor", of the "wandering" and the lumpen, of the informal economic sectors, of the precarious, of the self-managed production by the marginalized, of the unproductive, the elimination of the lumpen, of the linyera..., the CONSTITUTION, VIOLENT AND DESPOTIVE: of the NEW WORLD ORDER. It is a lie that what kills is a virus, as it was in all the supposed previous viral pandemics (Cancer, Ebola, 2009 Influenza A, Zika, HIV...). What kills is CAPITALISM, it is the living conditions under the tyranny of financial capital, it is the polluted air, the poisoned water, the destroyed land, the infected plants and animals, the junk food, the medicine subsumed in the profit of the chemical pharmaceutical industry, the destructive mass vaccination of the immune system, the radiomagnetic contamination, the confinement, the unhealthy housing, the banking and financing of all life, isolation, lack of love and affection, control of your neighbor, citizenship, democratic poisoning, executive, parliamentary, judicial power..., social networks, television, cell phones transmitting panic, fakes news and speeches to continue locking up the human being in the atomized individual... and in general the tyranny of the financial against human life and against the material production that should ensure such life.

There is no virus that causes the pandemic of confinement, confinement, repression, exploitation and oppression. The real subject of all this TRAGEDY is the WORLD OLIGARIC GOVERNMENT: the Bilderbergs, the bankers, the heads of all international agencies (UN, WHO, IMF, WB, Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Central Bank of China...) ... THE WORLD BANKING There is no pandemic that kills more people than any flu, which often ends people's lives (although in reality they also die because of the destruction of immune defenses by the junk life that capital subjects us to!) But there is a need for capital to impose more profit, more global exploitation, more submission to digital money. This is not circumstantial, but the DESPOTIC imposition of WORLD OLIGARIC POWER.

And in the face of proletarian protests there is a need for all the apparatus of the world state to impose more despotism, authoritarianism, terrorism... This does coincide in the long term with all the institutions and instances of government in the shadows that conspire more or less openly to save the profit of world capital, to save the planet for an ultra-minoritarian elite and to eliminate population and the consequent production of objects necessary to human life.

The truth of the state is the same as always: to suppress human life, to prevent people from organizing life and the production of what they need to live. In this sense this new attack is one more expression of the historical separation between human beings and their means of life. But it is also a counterattack by world capital against the great internationalist struggles of 2019 and at the same time it constitutes one more turn of the screw in the tyranny of the financial, banking and state against all human life and against the very production of what humans require to live. The PARATE in economic life and in material production imposed by confinement and the consequent militarization aims at further depriving humans of the possibility of producing their livelihood and at further diminishing industrial production and increasing the relative importance of the financial: transformation of an ever increasing part of industrial surplus into surplus value obtained through taxation, levies, and bank and government taxes. Yes, we are at war! But the war of humanity is not against the virus, but against capital and the State, against the world banking oligarchy that is IMPOSING, with the invention of the virus and the pandemic, AN OPEN WAR AGAINST THE HUMAN SPECIES! Since 2008/2010, with the massive emission of debt and fiat money by the central banks of the planet, the historical dictatorship of capital over life was imposed as a fierce tyranny against all human life (in fact against all living beings on the planet). Yes, we are in crisis! But the crisis of hunger and misery is only for humanity. For the world's financial capital this is the widespread RESET that leads to the submission of all life to its absolute tyranny, to the total reign of digital money, which the rich of the world manufacture at their whim!

The very existence of capital requires the generalized despotism of the bankocracy against the mode of production of world capital (immediate), destroying social relations and productive forces, exercising despotism without mercy against all living species and the genocide of a large part of humanity. Beyond the concrete plans of the masters of the world, arguing that in the world there is only room for 5 percent of the population of the planet endorsed by the UN's own plans, to the extent that the struggle to increase the rate of exploitation and to continue increasing the rate of profit is achieved at the same rate that material production is being paralyzed, the roadmap of the economy is laid bare: the world's gross product will contain more and more fake money, the world's bankcracy will be able to continue enriching itself by destroying production for human beings...

The tyranny of the bancocracy means, in this horrifying phase of world capital, continuing to produce free money and capitalist profit and to destroy the spheres of production of what is necessary for human life, as well as deliberately seeking to eliminate an ever-growing portion of human beings. In this sense, the paralysis of the productive forces, PROCLAIMED BY THE LIE OF THE PANDEMIC, only benefits the banking oligarchy (and all ITS structures of the WORLD STATE), which on the other hand is fortified in relative terms by all the productive sectors whose revival will require accepting even worse conditions of credit before it: while they receive money for free (and even "paying" negative interest! ), the productive sectors will have to pay higher interest (increase in the average world interest rate) to finance all material production, bringing the tyranny of bank capital to its maximum expression.

They would not have been able to strike such a big blow to the productive, commercial, artisanal activity of all social sectors (sacrificing not only all the precarious, but also medium and small bourgeois sectors), without their form of capitalist accumulation being assured by producing more debt, more currency that will further subject all economic activity to the tyranny of money and the banks. The debt issued is in FALSE STRONG CURRENCY, subjecting the entire population of all countries to the tyranny of the dollar, the euro..., where the central and commercial banks of the whole world are simple intermediaries appropriating surplus value in function of such intermediation. We do not believe that the main thing in 2020 is the chemical attack, planned and organized by the financial aristocracy, the States and the armies of the great powers (although we do not deny, that the generalized genocide, is among the main projects of all the world POWER), but the threat and the ideological terror with the tale of the PANDEMIC.

The most anti-human thing that capital is doing today is the destruction of every human community, separation, subsumption of humanity to compulsory confinement, individualizing terrorism, criminalization of bodily relations among humans (even more castrating than what they had achieved with other viral inventions such as cancer and AIDS that led to the imposition of a plastic cap on every bodily relation), confinement, isolation, mobilization, militarization... THE LIARY CAMPAIGN "AGAINST THE CORONAVIRUS" is the continuity and reaffirmation of the dictatorship of value over the use values of the human species, of the despotism of the financial against the necessary for life, OF MONEY AGAINST THE MODE OF PRODUCTION OF THINGS..., of the value produced by the central banks of dollars, euros, yuan, yen, pounds... against life.

The paralysis of social and economic life destroys lives and things, human relations and fellowship, human production and income, objects and productive forces vital to humanity; and imposes, with a brutality never before equaled, the ruthless tyranny of the financial. Nothing will be as it was before, say our enemies, and they are right until the conditions of our lives and our struggles will face a much more TOTALITARIAN tyranny. In the economic field, in the strictest survival... everything will be more expensive and you will have to pay more taxes, more fees and commissions to the banks, governments and institutions. The reproduction of capital will be much more slave-like, much more centralized and despotic on a world level and everything will be taxed for the imperial BANKING AND OLIGARIC center.

The paralysis of social and economic life destroys lives and things, human relations and fellowship, human production and income, objects and productive forces vital to humanity; and imposes, with a brutality never before equaled, the ruthless tyranny of the financial. Nothing will be as it was before, say our enemies, and they are right until the conditions of our lives and our struggles will face a much more TOTALITARIAN tyranny. In the economic field, in the strictest survival... everything will be more expensive and you will have to pay more taxes, more fees and commissions to the banks, governments and institutions. The reproduction of capital will be much more slave-like, much more centralized and despotic on a world level and everything will be taxed for the imperial BANKING AND OLIGARIC center.

The fact that the PANDEMIC is a lie, that the contagion of the virus, that the chinstraps and the washing of hands is absolutely a RIDICULOUS STAGE does not mean that the WORLD THEATRE OF THE PANDEMIC is not TRUE. There is too much evidence that the GOVERNMENT IN THE SOBRAS, that THE WORLD ARISTOCRACY has been preparing this work for decades, that the SECRET SERVICES, ARMY, MEDIA, TRADE UNIONS AND POLITICAL PARTIES, have planned and rehearsed all the acts with their corresponding rehearsals (military maneuvers) of domestication and planetary domination. There is too much evidence that they have prepared well... The end of the PANDEMIC theatre...will end when they tell us that IT WAS THANKS TO THEM "THERE WAS NO PANDEMIC", THAT NOW EVERYBODY WILL BE VACCINATED implant us with the chip of ETERNAL DOMINATION...the criminal 5 G, which they always dreamed of. The post-pandemic world that they want to impose will not have humanity, will not have relationships of life and pleasure, will not have caresses, nor desires, will not have shared meals, nor community life...will not have libido, nor kisses...the world of the tyranny of value that they want to put is the same CONFINEMENT.

Their world was never the world of the mode of production of things necessary for human life, but that of the dictatorship of value, where the things produced were never anything other than the colored mirrors used by VALUE SLAVING THE WORLD.





From Baghdad to Beirut, no Shia and no Sunni, let’s continue the struggle”

The Iraqi government is made up of all bourgeois factions in Iraq, and it is accepted by regional forces and the world bourgeoisie, but the proletariat tried to bring it down… The “Green Zone” in Baghdad is the centre of the world capitalism; the proletariat tried to occupy it and lost a lot of lives for it…

The port of Basra is a global corridor for oil exports and international trade and proletariat blocked it, and tried to control it. The Iraqi police, security forces, special forces and military forces are forces of global capitalism (with the participation of Shia, Sunni, Christian, Kurdish, and Turkmen bourgeoisie, with a large numbers of regional and international forces, including troops of America and Europe, Turkey, Iran, etc.), but the proletariat attacked them, their centres and detachments in the streets, and as many as 650 proletarians have been killed by them and more than 20 thousand wounded (this is not to mention the number of abducted and imprisoned…).

The proletariat in all rebellious areas of Iraq burned down the headquarters of the political parties (religious and national without exception), they burned down the houses of members of parliament and State officials and they also attacked security and police stations, media, judicial institutions and the Ministry of Justice, newspapers and television stations… By doing this, the proletariat attacked the whole State. According to the prime minister Adel Abd al-Mahdi, this movement destroyed the national economy (capitalism) in all its aspects.

The proletariat in its struggle attacked without exception everything, any symbol, any person, any base attached to the history of the authority and repression including military, diplomatic institutions, trade centres and secret services, internal as well as external. All the attacks on the repressive forces of Pasdaran in the city of Karbala are not really anti-Iranian as the media said, but it is a part of the class action against the repressive forces and centres in all their forms just like the attack on the Green Zone and the other places. Isn’t it clear from proletarian united action and its slogans: “Down with all the thieves”, “From Baghdad to Beirut, no Shiite and no Sunni”, “No country, no work, we all stay in the street!”, “No country, no work until the downfall of the system” – that the proletariat targets counterrevolution in its totality, just like it did in Basra in September 2018!? The bourgeoisie has always tried to distort the class path of our revolutionary movement. They have resorted to various methods to empty the revolutionary content of our struggle; they create stories of conspiracy and call it names. All of this in order to cover up its bloody crackdown and the destruction of our revolutionary movement in bourgeois conflicts. The proletariat has risen up on a social level against all the exploiters and it intends to terminate the whole of their power. The proletariat understands very much that external and internal capitalists (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Jews…), the wealthiest from all over the world are part of the State and they are all united in exploiting the humanity, therefore, proletarian struggle is without a doubt a united struggle against all of them…

The militant proletariat does not allow anyone to represent it; it has no demands and it does not negotiate. It is not attached to any political programme… Isn’t this rebellion a deep class struggle against the capitalist system in its entirety? The only programme of the proletariat is its determination to continue and direct the unified struggle against the dictatorship of Capital and State. “We are against all of you, and we take everything.” That’s the autonomy of the class and the strength of the struggle of our movement… And therefore, it is not easy for the State to extinguish or to root out this movement. The proletariat is not in a waiting situation or in a depressed mood… Since the beginning of the movement and until now, even with massive repression and murdering of the State, this movement continues and it is expanding the scope of its struggles and tactics day after day. For example, in Baghdad, the movement formed combat units and spread all around the city to interrupt the traffic, and take control of the bridges and important points. It set up its collective coordinating activities to extend and expand its struggle to plan the next day and the next target, it published leaflets about its struggle, and it treated injured comrades… all of this is the coordination, organization and expansion of their struggle capacity. The proletarian struggles in the past always took energy from each other.

That is how the struggle continues and exercises its class interests and internationalism as well. By breaking the geographical borders, ideological, economical and democratic frameworks and the national State… this movement targets the Capital and global capitalism. And today the exactly same struggle exists in reality. The proletariat nowadays (from Haiti, France, Hong Kong, Egypt, Latin America, Lebanon to Iraq and Iran) is in the same struggle, we are fighting the same enemy, we have the same interests and the same hope: the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of community of human life without wage labour, exploitation, profit, Capital, work, pollution, injustice, wars and destruction. This proletarian struggle is not an “anarchist” struggle, it is neither a “socialist” struggle, nor a struggle for the sake of democratic power, or the national State – it’s a revolutionary, class and international struggle against the capitalist dictatorship over life (over the Earth)… It is a struggle to liberate life from all forms of human slavery… If today young militants have come out on the street and they take a lead in the struggle and heavily participate in it, it is something natural! Because this generation, while running daily from the catastrophe of capital, is dreaming of life. They are those who have no stability in life… what they have today may not last until tomorrow. What they feel was close to them today; tomorrow seems to be very far. The greed of capitalism, its wars, and its successive disasters left them in a constant struggle. This situation intensifies more and more at the global level and becomes a hell that pushes the proletariat into the struggle… Their struggle is a struggle of life against this capitalist hell. The proletarians in the struggle understand capitalism and its catastrophe and they feel alive and they are happy in their struggle for life. The proletarian struggle is the struggle of the exploited class against the world capitalism. It is a struggle for life, against the exploitative and deadly relations of the global Capital. The proletariat continues to struggle: from France to Lebanon, from Iraq to Chile, from Hong Kong to Iran… and calls upon all other neighbouring areas where it is possible to unite and to co-ordinate class action in this struggle against capitalism. From our region the participation of the proletariat in Turkey, Israel and Iran… blocks the possibilities of the capitalist war and pushes our international class war towards a better perspective.



Down with exploitation and oppression… Down with war… Down with capitalism…

For the continuation of the class war all over the World

From the comrades of international struggle


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